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Freedom Score Art Exhibition is a celebration beyond words. This beautiful collection features four stimulating abstract works. Works filled with rich ivory hues contracted with deep ebony colors presented in a fragmented form. The lines in the black keys are like a map that allows the viewer to go beyond words in an imaginative journey.

Even though this is a complete collection, each piece has it’s own voice, tone and melody. You will experience the uncharted draft of time in the piece “Feel”. “E flat major” shapes the charge of living free. Your soul travels to a beautiful place by “Glory Travel”. The score orchestrated by “Quilted Jazz Journey” let’s you hear it in a velvet space.

Whether it’s in a concert hall, living room or art gallery, this work adds beautiful drama to that space. This work has a great balance of texture and color that will compliment the contemporary aesthetic. You will enjoy the work.

The artwork of Freedom Score holds true to Fred’s artistic view-point. Each one of these pieces is just a fragment in the grand mosaic of humanity. To enjoy this work you should understand that every fragment is important to the composition. Freedom Score plays notes of drama, glory, power and harmony. This work takes you on a journey beyond words.
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